Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Girl Update: As The World Turns


Dubai UAE March 22, 2006

OK. I've a few quickies to get your weekend popping off!!! 

As if it hasn't already! 

It appears, as of late, that I'm always...well...LATE to the party! 

I've missed blogging daily like I did during my birthday countdown last month. 

I aim to get back to that timetable in short order.

Fortunately, I was able to keep up the routine all the way up until the jump. 

I was so very happy to BE that darn happy about scribbling all my little nuggets of thought all over your computer screen. 

Those nuggets. 

Positively inundated with food for thought. 

With a slice of sounding off, sexy time, and pure WTF.

It's what I DO. 

OK. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to evoke imagery of eating. 

Can you hear my tummy growling over there?  

"I can haz cheeseburger?"

Oh, wait! I already did. 

But that was, like, hours ago. 

I must admit it: I enter a complete time-warp when I start working on projects or learning (or re-learning) new info bytes. 

Ugghhh...and ick....and...Where does the time go?

I mean, I am having a damn good time doing it MOST of the time. 

But if you would've seen me last night, you would've sworn I 'got the ghost' or had some demons to wrestle with or something. 

Long story short: I had been making so much headway with my main domain. And, then, in a flash it went.....

"Gotcha, bitch!" 

And totally evaporated. Totally. 

And so I eyed my laptop like it was the motherf****** predator. 

I had to show "it" who is running thangs around here. 

I put that baby to BED.

Oh, me. Oh, me and my slippery, sticky fingers...

*Sigh* I need to get out more. Can you tell?

And I SHALL, chick-a-dees! 

Haven't you heard? 

I am an official seminar presenter for the 2011 Exxxotica Expo in Miami Beach (May 20-22nd) and Los Angeles (August   26-28th). 

=>My Seminar Link

(Woot woot!) 

I can hear it now, "Welcome to Miami....Bienvenido a MIAMI!!!!" 

Or maybe: 

"I wanna go to Hawaii. Yaaaaay. I wanna go to Hawaaaaii.*"

Just kidding! Miami is gonna be so gosh dang awesome. For serious.

El Matador Beach Sandra London June 2010

Hasta Mayo,

p.s.: Buy your hall pass for the 2011 Exxxotica Expo here:

*Crank Yankers show reference

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