Friday, April 29, 2011

~A Royal Weekend for a Perfectly Pretty Princess~

So rich. So pretty.

Or maybe it's "So much pomp and circumstance" if you ask Z.J.


I'm actually watching the royal procession live, in full effect. I'm so happy that I happened across it on the =>telly<=. 

Sooo not on purpose, I'm ashamed to admit. 

Had I not been watching the love of my life, Craig Ferguson (smile!)on the late late show....

Well, I may have missed it completely! shhh...

I don't know that I would say I'm as fascinated as some as far as this whole obsession with inherited social status or pedigree. 

However, there is something to be said for refinement, culture, and... official recognition that an earth-bound family amongst us all is somehow...NOT us. Somehow...just...not... common(?!?)

It's only natural that human society desire someone, some thing, or some entity to look up to.  

Progressively, generation by generation, degree by degree, a certain breed establishes a solid foundation. This foundation, this family name carries, in and of itself, a certain reputation. 

A mark. 

A title. 

There IS something to be said for that. 

At least to me!

Congratulations, Mademoiselle Catherine Middleton 

Princess of Britain. 

Mrs. Prince William. 

The Belle of the Ball.

To serve and to submit. But never to 'obey.' ;)

{You are soooo full of win!}

Honor thy new royal family name.

A toast (and tea) to all spectators, fans, foes, and even the indifferent to this moment in history,

Sandra London

~Saw It. Wanted It. Smiled Real Perky. Got It!~

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