Thursday, April 14, 2011

In The Thick of It

Happy Thursday!

I have been as busy as ever but things are starting to become more manageable again. If I thought things were hectic before, no no....

Apparently, there will always be more tasks to complete, schedules to fill, things to see, people to do. ;)

I suppose, in a nutshell, I am getting a lot of things done behind the scenes and I am very excited in regards to everything that has happened lately. 

Like, there have been a few major, spontaneous catastrophes and a healthy measure of serendipity. 

That's kind of how my life has always been.

Trust me!

I'm not an "Oh, woe is me" whiner; never that.

When things go wrong, I can express it in the most monotone, matter-of-fact way.

But the look on my friends' faces after they hear about the latest "Adventures in Sandra's World", well, they sure do consider my life pretty darn interesting.

Mais, la vie est belle.

I have signed on to a few sweet upcoming projects that I'm very excited to undertake.

I will edit them in shortly. 

I definitely want to keep you all updated so you can check them out, if you've a few precious free moments in time.

Please forgive my writing style today, y'all. 

I have been using all of my vital brain juice for restoring and redesigning my main site lately.

Eeeee....and it's almost ready!!!

I am simply trying to make sure to read even more closely than normal, to keep abreast (*giggle*) of any fine print that might be worth committing to permanent memory.

Or, that which may cause me to:

shimmy, smirk and slink away, narrowly dodging a bullet with my initials engraved, swirling menacingly before me as it approaches with the speed of a tiger....

Or a gazelle.

But wait, guns aren't as cute as gazelles....

Or are they?!? jk

Oooh...getting back in the groove. And I like it! =)
Your fair lady, keepin' on keepin' on. Bearing mad fruits and juice,

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