Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday is for FREEdom

Santa Barbara 2004 Sandra London photo by Glamour Photos
                 Sand and Succubus, shot in Summer 2007 on location in Santa Barbara

                          Friday is for FREEdom

It's the weekend, gang!

And you can party all the more because taxes aren't due 'til Monday!!! Word!

I am hereby offering super sexy damn-near freebies to celebrate while your wallet is saved from a good old- fashioned assault by the system for just a few more days!

All you have to do is complete one or more of the following five requests to receive the goods.

Heck, you can do all five and find yourself up to your ears in my lovely lady lumps*;)

What a visual, eh?

Oh, and the current task rewards are valid until the stroke of midnight on May 1st, 2011.

                                             System Sixty-Nine

Task #1: Sign up to MyGirlFund (free) at my link

Reward: You get 1 free video, delivered to your new MGF account. Make sure to send a free message on MGF letting me know you were referred from "The System".

Task #2: Buy any 2 clips from me on MyGirlFund.

Reward: I'll send you a 3rd clip absolutely FREE.

Task #3: Gift me with an Amazon Gift Card

Reward: Get video clips and picture sets equalling the same amount.

( If what you spend exceeds the amount of content I have, you can request a custom-made video that YOU direct.)

Task #4: Follow me on Twitter @ImSandraLondon (or become a fan of mine on, if you already follow me on Twitter).

Reward: Get one free freaky photo set.

Task #5: Subscribe to To Live and Grind in L.A. here on Blogger

Reward: Get two freaky photo sets.

Your daily boobie,
*<I'm a dork. And you know this, maaaaaaan!> (Warning: Adult Content 18+)

Sandra London photo 2010

~Saw It. Wanted It. Smiled Real Perky. Got It!~

***Examples of Movie Titles Currently Available:
 Romantif***, Girl Fun, The Header, Sandra Captures Zach, Puss in Boots, My F***Buddy and Me, Me and Master Dubya, Hot Tub _____, Sandra and The Musician, A Silent ______.***

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  1. If we subscribed today, does that still count? (fingers crossed)


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