Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Fawn Flirts in Middleburg ;)

~Sandra LONDON hiding behind Endangered Words in Virginia~
I fly back to the West Coast on my magic succubi wings tomorrow mid-afternoon. I've had an absolutely wonderful, whimsical sojourn in the District of Columbia and its environs.

The first full day was spent in Middleburg, Virginia

I happened upon The Christmas Sleigh, where I bought a super sexy green hunting jacket and sampled regional wine at the Boxwood Winery.  

Dined at the Red Fox Inn where I discovered my new favorite crutch, Raspberry Merlot!!!!

My goodness, this is ridiculous..

It is so hard to amuse me that I seem like a snot half the time...and yet this is my new next best vice in the entire world. 

I summoned a hand-written note from the waiter of exactly where, when, and how I could procure more of this delectable dessert wine.

Absolutely, terribly fabulous. Double swoon. today, earlier...or I guess now I am officially referring to yesterday, I ambled about D.C. and was blown away by the Smithsonian's African Art museum.

Every single piece of art and/or artifact in this museum was completely spell-bounding. 

I felt very....inspired(?)( moved?) as I beholded the very definition of "kalon"* in its purest form.

It is way too late for me to even still be typing as I have an early (for me) flight. 

I only waited this long because I had to find roundabout means to import photos for this post.

So, for now, I kind of want to cut this short..but I definitely plan on fleshing out the corpus of my latest trip back East.

In a short phrase...."Soooo much fun" . 

In a high brow nod, " Evoking a vestige of ancestral consciousness while not diminishing tender moments of 'descipience'**...."

Smithsonian African Art Museum April 2011

And so, this makes either perfect sense or I've had too much Cruz Alta (Mendoza's blend).

More on solid ground..... A domani!!!


Sandra LONDON, posing with African Symbols (April 2011)

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